My school had a subject inspection in Maths last year and one of the areas that we needed to focus on was assessment for learning so I decided to do this summer course to get some new ideas and strategies for implementing assessment for learning in my classroom.

Rahoo have 3 summer courses to choose from;

Course Layout

  • The course is divided into 5 modules
  • There are 2 discussion sections and an end of module written assignment for each module
  • In the Assessment for Learning Course there was a huge amount of time for reflection on my own practice and self assessment about where I am at currently and then ideas for moving forward
  • There are a range of videos for each module – some were presented by Rahoo Tutors while others were clips from other teachers and educators around the world
  • The end of module written tasks varied from a simple lesson plan to a self reflection to the creation of a learning objective/success criteria template (using ICT)

What I liked the most

  • The tutors – Throughout the course I received feedback on my posts and I thought this was really beneficial. I was worried about one particular aspect of Assessment for Learning and how classroom culture plays a major effect and how sometimes getting the classroom culture right can be difficult and one of the tutors gave me some really helpful tips.

  • The videos – I was fascinated to watch Dylan Wiliams who features a lot in the course – he is such a ‘real’ educator with practical tips and ideas on assessment for learning.

  • The content – this was exactly what I wanted and I’m looking forward to implementing different strategies in my classroom in September.
  • Downloadable documents – there were two very useful downloads on plenaries with hundreds of ideas to use so I’m looking forward to trying these out.


Overall I found the course very worthwhile and enjoyable and would definitely recommend it!

*Rahoo gifted me this course for review purposes but as always my reviews are 100% honest