I also completed a third course this year with Ranganna.com. For me, Gaeilge is one of the trickiest subjects to teach. I find there is a serious lack of resources available and I often lack ideas and find the struggle to keep children motivated difficult too. So I thought this year it would be a good idea to get some tips through a Gaeilge summer course.

The year before last I completed a Gaeilge summer course with Ranganna and found the tips really useful so this year I tried their Cluichí Cainte don Rang Gaeilge Bunscoile course.

Overview of the course

  • The course is divided into 5 modules (focussing on the themes in the Gaeilge curriculum)
  • There is generally an introduction, a downloadable document for the theme and then a focus on some grammar points linked to key vocabulary/phrases and a language game
  • There is a series of practice ‘tests’ (which don’t count towards your completion of the course) throughout each module

  • There is a task at the end of each module and also a discussion forum where you can share any useful resources/tips or ideas you have come across in your own teaching.

What I liked

  • There is a clear layout for each module
  • Tips and ideas from fellow teachers in the discussion points
  • A chance to practice key learning (mainly grammar and vocabulary points) throughout each module
  • The ideas given were relevant and useful (along with downloadable ebooks on different themes).

  • Grammar was integrated with key vocabulary and phrases rather than as a stand alone unit.
  • The level of Gaeilge was quite high (I liked how the expectation was high and this is something I need to strive for with my class next year).
  • Discussion forums don’t have to be answered as Gaeilge. (although it is recommended that you try as much as possible)

After completing the course I now have a bank of ideas and resources for language games for various themes (Mé Féin, Sa Bhaile, An Scoil, Bia, An Teilifíse).

*I was gifted this course for review purposes but as always my reviews are 100% honest.