This is a blogpost about re-interviewing in a school you currently work in. I’ve done it twice before – once when there was a permanent vacancy (that I knew I hadn’t a hope of getting but wanted to show interest!) and this year! I think its almost harder than interviewing in a school for the first time as you feel a bit self-conscious especially if you know the interview panel well.

Here are some sample questions;


  • Why do you want to remain as a teacher here?
  • What made you apply for this job?
  • How have you contributed to the success of this school?
  • What is one thing you’d change if you were teaching here again next year?
  • What is one thing you’d change if you were principal?
  • How have you developed relationships with other members of staff?
  • What extra- curricular activities have you developed during your time here?
  • What were the targets for literacy/numeracy this year? How were these achieved?
  • What class level do you like? Why?
  • How have you developed professional relationships with parents?
  • How would you describe our school?
  • What is one thing that you would like to be remembered for as a teacher in our school?
  • How would you contribute to the future success of the school?
  • What has been your biggest success this year?
  • How have you supported a fellow member of staff?
  • What CPD have you completed to assist you in this post?