Real life division

I’ve just created a set of real life division questions for my class as a revision after the Easter holidays. We’ve covered division already so these will be a good way for the children to revise division with real life questions.

Each question has a remainder in the answer so the children will need to use the context of the question to choose the best answer. There are 10 topics with 3 questions per topic.

The questions are available in A4 format and also with 4 per page.

I plan on printing the small version for my classroom (3-4 of each page) and the children will work in groups of 3/4 for 3 minutes on each question and then swap with another group. Afterwards we’ll go through the questions together and discuss strategies used.

This set is most suited to 5th and 6th class.

There is also an answers page so children can self correct. (The cards could be used as a station in a division stations session or a revision stations session.)