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Many people worry about working in Resource before being fully qualified and usually more experienced teachers take up Resource posts, however this doesn’t mean that you can’t work as a resource teacher if you have just finished college.
When I qualified in 2011, I worked as a resource teacher from January – June and it was a fantastic learning experience.

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If you decide to do a restricted DIP in resource, these tips will prove useful.

  • Get the child’s IEP from last year and use this to plan sessions for September/October (before creating a new IEP for this year)
    Talk to the class teacher about the child’s main needs in class
  • Observe the child in different settings – in class, on the yard, in P.E., in assembly etc.
  • Get a record of standardised test results
  • Read the child’s reports from outside agencies and photocopy the background information and any recommendations (which can also be used in your IEP)
  • Meet the parents (they know the child best)

You can find necessary templates on these websites.

I chose Template 1 from this website.
NCSE Guidelines
Limerick Association of Special Education Teachers
Teacher Induction (which has the exact templates for doing your dip in resource)

For my weekly planning, I made my own template which you can download (This template doesn’t have all the headings that the NIPT template has but it is clear and has worked well for me);


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