I was sent this Algebra Maths Box from ‘Creative Activity’ to review. As many people know, Maths is my favourite subject to teach so I was delighted to try out a new resource – particularly in the area of Algebra.

The pack comes in a plastic box which is super handy for storage. It includes everything you’ll need for the lessons.

Question/Problem Cards

There is a selection of question/problem cards which are made with dry-wipe material. There is enough for one card between two in the pack.


The cards are challenging for all pupils and there are some which are trickier than others so its great for differentiation.

The cards have clear instructions with the title, lists of materials needed, child friendly learning objective and instructions for the game.

Other equipment

All the equipment that you will need for the problem cards are included in the pack (which is super handy!).

  • Dice – there are regular dice (6 sided; 1 – 6) and up to 12 sided.

  • Counters – these are brilliant as they are red on one side and yellow on the other (great for quick organisation).

  • Place value cards

  • Spinner

  • Wipeboard markers and erasers

How to use

We talked through one or two of the cards (and how to use the materials) together as a class. I gave the cards and materials needed to each pair of children who then worked through the card together. Once they had played the game a number of times they then swapped with another group or from the leftover problem cards.

They could also be used as an independent station during a Maths lesson.

These are definitely a resource that I would highly recommend! My class really enjoyed them and they provided lots of opportunities for discussion and group work!

They are available to purchase from Creative Activity here. (There is also a huge range of resources covering every area of the curriculum!)