I spotted this challenge on ‘Irish Primary PE Association’ Facebook Page’ yesterday and thought it was a great idea.


We started the challenge today and will continue every day for the next few weeks. Today we managed 86 laps as a class so tomorrow we’re aiming for a little bit higher! After break, we went to the large yard in our school and the children spent 8-10 minutes running as many laps as they could. Some children managed 5 laps – apparently they’ll be able to do even more tomorrow (as it’s tracksuit day!)

Maths integration

Afterwards we went back to the class and I inputted the list of laps on Excel. Tomorrow each child can challenge themselves to do a little bit more than they did today. We estimated the total amount of laps that we did as a class and I then calculated the total amount of laps we ran today. Then we estimated the average which worked out at a little over 3 laps per child. (It was a great way to integrate maths in a meaningful way and a really quick way to revise averages and estimating!)


  • Children can learn the countries of Europe and the distances of these countries from Ireland.
  • Children can learn the capitals of European countries.

  • Children can use Google maps to learn how they would travel to different countries in Europe. What modes of transport could be used to get from Dublin to Paris?
  • Children can complete projects on a famous landmark from another European country/capital or a project on a European capital or country!

Be Active Schools Campaign


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