I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I’ll be sharing a room in September.

When I worked between two schools as a resource/learning support teacher I had a huge room in one school and in the second school I had a room under the stairs- like a broom closet. I felt a bit like Harry Potter in there.

I think a lot of teachers and children in Ireland are expected to work in less than suitable accommodation – prefabs which are freezing in winter and roasting in summer, classrooms with no space for movement – just jam-packed with desks and finding space to cater for the needs of the children in their care.

I don’t think¬†the Department are going to be building many extra schools or rooms in the next few weeks before we return so we’ll have to get on with it and make it the best we can.

My top tips for working in a small room

  • Declutter – I am the worst hoarder – always thinking oh I might use that; I recently did a massive ‘Spring Clean’ in my house with thanks to Marie Kondo I dumped the equivalent of 2 wheelie bins of bits and pieces and made a trip to the clothes bank 3 times. Her philosophy – if it doesn’t spark joy then get rid of it! This is vital if you have a small room! (You can donate items or loan items to colleagues for the year!)
  • Tidy and organise – with the resources you have left – tidy and organise them and make sure to return them to their place when you’ve finished using them.
  • Desks and tables – move any excess desks or tables out of your way. You only really need 1 desk in a resource room. (Have an extra few chairs in case you do social groups or baking/cooking etc.)
  • Outside space – can you put a locked cupboard outside the room in the corridor?

My top tips for sharing a room

  • Share the space evenly between everyone
  • Make sure each person has access to locked storage, plugs, whiteboard etc.
  • Partition the room – use storage units or partitioning walls
  • Share resources (but label everything so everyone know who owns it – teachers are very precious about their belongings!)


If you have any other tips comment below! Niamh