Like everything this year, when it comes to Science Week we need to think outside the box – what can I do in pods? What will work well in my class this year?

Hopefully the below ideas might help. Thanks to everyone who shared what they’re planning in their classrooms.

Famous scientists

Children can complete projects on a range of famous scientists or you could study a new scientist in class each day!

  • Albert Einstein
  • Marie Curie
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Mary Anning
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Jane Goodall


In my class, the children are working in small groups (pods or groups within their pods). They will be deciding on what experiment to do and have to bring in the materials they need to do the experiment. Each group will do their experiment for the class one day next week. They’re really excited about it.

Another idea might be for each pod to do an experiment in school – they can be the demonstrators for the whole class. One pod each day.

Another option could be for the children to do the experiments at home, video them and share them via Seesaw/by email and these can be watched back in class.

My favourite experiments

  • Lava Lamps link here
  • Testing the best coin cleaner link here
  • CD Hovercraft link here
  • Diet Coke and Mentos link here
  • Floating Eggs link here
  • Making goo/slime link here
  • Colourful flowers link here
  • Jellyfish in a bottle link here
  • Elephant Toothpaste link here
  • Skittles Experiment link here
  • Tornado in a jar link here
  • Dancing Raisins link here
  • Leak Proof Bag link here


Design a poster for Science week, invent a character for science week, saving the planet!

This competition is run by MIC.

This competition is run by ESB.

Science workshops

There are a number of useful workshops being held online this year. Unfortunately most seem to be booked out but definitely check your local library/education centre/institute of technology/college/university and on the SFI website here.

Futuristic inventions

The children can design an invention for the future – something to make their lives/ other peoples lives easier. (Could be linked with art (drawing/construction) and literacy (oral language – presenting)

STEM Challenges

Useful websites

Science Foundation Ireland

SFI – Primary Booklet

MIC – STEM Activity Packs

Primary Science – lots of experiments; categories for different strands/strand units/ ages

Science Sparks – brilliant site – lots of experiments and ideas!

Science Wows – really brilliant site for Science!

Ed Heads

Science Bob

Science Kids 

National Geographic Kids 

Animal Webcams (Dublin Zoo)


Women You Should Know

DK Find Out – Famous Scientists

Cool Kid Facts – Famous Scientists 

Science Kids 


A Mighty Girl