This years Science Week happens from 12th – 19th November so here are some ideas that you might find useful.


My favourite experiments

  • Lava Lamps link here
  • Testing the best coin cleaner link here
  • CD Hovercraft link here
  • Diet Coke and Mentos link here
  • Floating Eggs link here
  • Making goo/slime link here
  • Colourful flowers link here
  • Jellyfish in a bottle link here
  • Elephant Toothpaste link here
  • Skittles Experiment link here
  • Tornado in a jar link here
  • Dancing Raisins link here
  • Leak Proof Bag link here


For Science Week last year the children in 6th class worked in groups to research and carry out science experiments. Younger classes then went to visit their classrooms to see these experiments. It was a massive success and great fun for all involved.


Experiments for homework

As well as this – each class got 5/6 experiments to try out. The children worked individually or in small groups and for their homework they carried out the experiments. Then they brought the materials into school and each individual or group shared their experiment and findings. (You can print a range of different experiments from ‘Primary Science’ that the children could use.)


Carousel of experiments

Children can work in groups of 4/5 and carry out a range of different experiments in the classroom. They could do 1 a day or spend a full day doing different experiments.


Rotating teachers

There are 6/7 of each class in my school. Last year each teacher in 3rd class chose a strand/strand unit and then carried out the experiment with each class – great for kids to work with different teachers . Alternatively each teacher could plan 1 lesson and then share their planning and resources (powerpoint presentations, equipment etc.)


Primary Science – lots of experiments; categories for different strands/strand units/ ages

Science Sparks – brilliant site – lots of experiments and ideas!

Science Wows – really brilliant site for Science!

Ed Heads

Science Bob

Science Kids 

National Geographic Kids 

Science Experiments Around the Home

Try Science

More useful websites here

365 Science Experiments – available from The Book Depository for €10.31