Self Care on the Weekends

It’s Saturday morning which is when I get some free time to do blogposts etc. This week (and all of January to be honest) has been so busy! I have great intentions to finish mini projects I’ve started, organise things in my classroom, organise my house etc. every day but there just seems to be constant demands on my time and nothing is getting done. I know this is the case for many teachers especially at this time of the year. I personally feel that during the weekends it is such an important time to try to relax, take some me time and leave the never ending to do list for another day.

My plans for the weekend are a trip into town for a wander around the shops, dinner with friends and a long walk – nothing over the top but I know on Monday I’ll feel refreshed and ready to face another week.

Whether you are an experienced teacher, NQT, or student teacher in the middle of placement or preparing for placement in the next few weeks – take some time for you today –  the benefits will far outweigh what you could have got done in the hour or two that you take to do something nice for you.