Over the last year or so there has been a growing amount of Irish teachers selling their resources on their own blogs, Mash.ie or TeachersPayTeachers. It’s brilliant that teachers are sharing their resources with one another and it’s a great way to make a little bit of extra money. This blogpost is to share what is involved in creating these resources and the different costs that you may not have thought about too.


Time has to be the biggest cost for me when it comes to making resources. I’m a complete perfectionist and have to have everything lined up perfectly and the right colours and clipart etc. Many of the resources on my website are free to download – however if I have spent over 2-3 hours on a resource then there is a charge for it. Most of the resources that I make take a few days of work if not weeks!

Website Fees/Hosting

If you have your own website/blog there are fees associated with this too. There is an annual fee for the domain name and a further monthly/annual fee which can be in the region of €200-€300.


Most of the clipart I use is downloaded from Teachers Pay Teachers – some of this clipart is free but most of the time there is a fee involved. In some cases this fee is €3-€5 but in other cases it can be up to €20/€30.


Most of the fonts I use are downloaded from Teachers Pay Teachers too. Again some are free to download but then there is a license fee for using them in your own products. (These are my favourites – there is a fee for commercial use)

Paypal and Other Fees

My resources are available to download directly from my website. All payments are taken through PayPal and there is a Paypal fee on each transaction with amounts to 3.4% of the cost of the item + 35cent.

Websites such as Mash.ie charge 30% (Paypal fees and their own fee).


Tax has to be paid on all additional earnings which amounts to 40% for most full time teachers. Blog/some school related expenses can be subtracted from the profit before tax is deducted.

This table shows the amounts deducted for tax and fees. The fees are deducted immediately and tax is calculated on the price minus fees and is paid towards the end of each year.