I’ve received a number of messages over the last few weeks about tips for setting up a teaching blog. When I first started Irish Primary Teacher just over 3 years ago, there was only a handful of teaching blogs in Ireland. That number has grown considerably over the years and there’s now lots! This blogpost is just a quick overview about blogging and hopefully you’ll find something useful.

What I like about blogging

  • Way to reflect – blogging is a great way to write down your thoughts and think through different ideas you have.
  • Keeping track of ideas – one of the main reasons I set up my blog was to keep track of my own ideas and the ideas of other teachers. Then when I need an idea/inspiration I can just search for what I’m looking for.
  • Creating resources – I enjoy creating resources and sharing them on the blog.
  • Talking to other teachers – I talk to so many teachers every day/week. I love getting messages and emails and helping other teachers when I can!
  • Blogging community – there’s a lovely group of bloggers in Ireland and I love getting tips and ideas from them!

Challenges of blogging

  • Time management – At times when school is hectic and home is busy, I get a bit stressed about not spending enough time working on the blog. Other times, I spend too much time writing blogposts and creating resources.
  • Dealing with negativity – this is something that I still struggle with. I have always been very sensitive and unfortunately I have received a few unkind comments/messages. I now adopt a policy of delete and block if a comment is unkind/nasty.
  • ICT – this area can be a challenge at times. I have built my website myself – and I’m really happy with it but it did involve a huge amount of work to get everything the way I wanted it!

Which site to use?

  • I use WordPress which involves a bit of work – but there is lots of help available on forums and YouTube videos are great too. (You will also need to pay for a domain name and hosting – unless you use the Free version of WordPress!)
  • Initially I used Blogspot which was perfect and really easy to use.
  • Weekly is also very user-friendly.

Social Media

I have a Facebook account with over 20,000 followers and an Instagram account with over 3,500. These take a lot of time to update and monitor daily. I do have a Snapchat and Twitter account too but I’ve found 2 accounts are much easier to manage and I don’t want to share the exact same content on all platforms.

Start small

Don’t put yourself under pressure to write lots of blogposts and share things on social media every day! It might be a good idea to start with a social media account and then if you like it – you can set up a blog too!


Guest Blog

If you are thinking about setting up your own blog/ want to try blogging – then you might like to write a guest blog for Irish Primary Teacher. If you’re interested – just email niamh@irishprimaryteacher.ie!