This blog post was written last year when I was setting up my classroom for 3rd class.

I spent some time at the beginning of the summer holidays and last Friday setting up my classroom. Its not perfect but I’m happy with the results so far.



Displays – what should be on display? (Some ideas)

If possible – use fade proof backing paper and borders – these will brighten up the classroom! Make sure to label each display – Literacy/Numeracy/Gaeilge.



  • Literacy – word wall, reading strategies posters, writing help (adjectives, nouns, verbs, grammar posters), examples of work (by the children)
  • Numeracy – maths vocabulary, examples of work (covering new concept), helpful posters – showing example
  • Gaeilge – key vocab, frásaí na seachtaine, examples of childrens work
  • SESE – topic being covered (This display may cover all 3 subjects – history, geography, science or just focus on one key area). I also like to have an investigation table with resources and books the children can use when learning about a new topic. Key vocabulary. Project work by the children.
  • Art work – children’s work, example from an artist
  • WOW work
  • Jobs display
  • Birthday display


I try to make some of my posters as I think it is important for children to see handwriting on display and good layout (not just commercially bought products).


Personally, my favourite is the U shape but this does not always work due to space restrictions so may not be an option.


When arranging desks make sure there is enough space to move around the classroom and space to get into seat (if its easier to crawl under a table – this is what children will do so make sure there is enough space!)

classroom 4

Is there enough space for children to stand up at their table and do brain break activities or actions for Gaeilge/song/dance etc?

Will you have books/copies on the tables or do you have another storage unit? I plan on using letter trays on all the group tables for worksheets etc. but other than that copies and books will be handed out at the beginning and collected at the end of each lesson.


  • Reading/ Library – do you have beanbags/cushions/blankets or chairs and a table?
  • Art – find a prominent area in the classroom/outside on the corridor to display the children’s art work.

classroom 5

  • Coats and bags – where will these be stored? back of the chair or on hooks in an area of the classroom?


  • Where is the bin kept?
  • Where do scissors/glue sticks/ paint go?
  • Where does finished work go?