I hope everyone is enjoying the snow days – 3 unexpected days off – hopefully we won’t have to make them up over the Easter holidays. Here are a few ideas on the theme of ‘snow’ for next week.

History – Compare and contrast

Look at photos/videos/news articles of the big snow in 1982. Compare and contrast the images with images from 2010 and 2018. Take a look at the transport (buses, cars), clothes, buildings, roads (what has changed – compare with current images on Google Maps). What is different/ what is the same? What has changed? Why have things changed?

Photo credit:  Irish Times

Irish Times; The Big Snow of 1982 

The Journal: So how will the Beast compare to the Big Snow of 1982

RTE Archives: Big Snowfall Causes Chaos 

RTE Archives: Tobogganing at the Phoenix Park 

RTE Archives: Starts to Thaw

RTE Archives: Blizzard Hits Country (1962)

RTE Archives: Blessington Cut Off by Snow

RTE Archives: A Word of Warning as Freeze Continues

The Irish Post; Five of the Worst Snow Blizzards in Irish History


Geography – Weather

This is a very useful video from the UK Met Office explaining the Beast from the East! Watch it here.

Take a look at the job of a meteorologist – what is their role? how do they forecast the weather? what tools do they use?

Lots of useful material from Met Éireann here.

Useful links

SPHE – Media Education

How do we find out about the weather? Why is it important for people to be informed? How have the methods of communication changed since 1982? What role does social media have to play?

For reference;

Accu Weather


Literacy – Writing


Look at some of the reports from 1982 and 2018. Compare and contrast the reports – what is the same/what has changed?

Write captions to go with photos/videos from the snow – lots available from RTE and the Journal here, here and here. Get the children to bring in some photos they may have taken themselves and write captions for these photos.

Write a newspaper report about the weather, shortage of milk and bread etc.


Write a story involving an adventure in the snow, a snow storm, a snowman who comes to life.



Geography – Food Supply

Where does our food come from? How does it get to Ireland? What happens in bad weather? Why was there a shortage of milk and bread?




Listening and responding;


Using body percussion – compose a piece of music to represent the snow/blizzard.