Art isn’t my strong point so when I first saw a teacher at school making these I never thought I’d be able to do it. However, they aren’t as difficult as they look.

You need;
6 sheets of paper

First you need to make your a4 paper into squares. Fold one corner over to opposite side making a triangle and cut off the extra paper.


Now make three cuts on either side of the paper (closed edge) making sure the cuts don’t meet.

Open up the paper. Start with the Middle diamond and bring the two points together and overlap them.

Secure with sellotape and flip the page to the other side. Get the next two pieces and do the same again flip and repeat.

Now you need 6 parts (as shown above) to make the snowflake. Once completed staple three together

Then staple the next three and finally staple the two groups of 3 together- making 6.

Lastly staple each piece to the one beside it.

Now you have a finished snowflake!