While working as a support teacher, I have found social groups are brilliant for children who need to develop appropriate social and behavioural skills.

Social skills groups enable the children to practise appropriate skills in a fun and safe environment. We recently set up a new social skills group so this post is to give a brief outline of what we hope to cover over the next 5/6 weeks.

The main skills we plan on working on over the next few weeks are; turn taking, following instructions, conversation skills and winning/losing.

Week 1; Getting to know you

Find out 3 things about the person beside you

Would you rather?

  • Conversation Starters – available here
  • Would you rather questions – available here

Parachute games

Week 2; Science experiments

Dancing raisins

Find the best coin cleaner (lesson plan here)

Week 3; Stem Activities

Straw bridges

Week 4; Baking

Salt Dough Heart Frame

Week 5; Art

Valentines Art

References/Useful links

Department of Education; Setting up a Social Skills Group