While working as a resource teacher, I have found social groups are brilliant for children who need to develop appropriate social and behavioural skills. This year, myself and another resource teacher are working together to facilitate this social skills group with a number of the children we are working with.

Social skills groups enable the children to practise appropriate skills in a fun and safe environment. We recently set up a new social skills group so this post is to give a brief outline of what we hope to cover over the next 5/6 weeks.

The main skills we plan on working on over the next few weeks are; turn taking, following instructions, conversation skills and winning/losing.

Week 1; Getting to know you

Find out 3 things about the person beside you

Would you rather?

  • Conversation Starters – available here
  • Would you rather questions – available here

Parachute games

Week 2; Science experiments

Dancing raisins

Find the best coin cleaner (lesson plan here)

Week 3; Stem Activities

Straw bridges

Week 4; Baking

Salt Dough Heart Frame

Week 5; Art

Valentines Art

References/Useful links

Department of Education; Setting up a Social Skills Group