Reading lessons can be hard to make interesting and enjoyable for children. Reading a story and then answering written comprehension questions or completing written activities is boring. This blog post is to share some ideas for reading lessons.



When beginning a new story- display the title or show a picture from the cover of the book. (You can search google images for a cover of most books)

Show the children the picture

Some questions;

  • What do you think this book will be about?
  • Who do you think this person is?
  • Who do you think the main characters are?
  • What do you think the title might be?
  • Where do you think the setting is?

Read the title and ask questions about it.

reading 2

Read the blurb

This often adds suspense as the children are now interested to find out what might happen in the story.

Model asking questions

Oh I wonder where jack will go on the adventure? How will he get there? Will it be dangerous? I wonder will anybody help him to get the ring back?


Use a variety of different approaches when reading;

  • Teacher reads
  • Child reads for whole class
  • Children read silently
  • Group of children reads
  • Whole class reads
  • Pair reading with a partner

Pause after a few pages and ask some questions based on what has been read. What did you think about __________? What will happen next?

Model asking questions about the text.

Character study

Draw a picture of a character from the book. (This can be done at the beginning when we only know 1/2 little things about the characters – children can use their inferencing skills to draw a picture using the knowledge they have so far)

Write words/phrases to describe the character around the picture. (This can be added to as we learn more about the character when reading).

reading 3

Group Discussion

When something exciting happens – allow the children to work in small groups to discuss what has happened. Was it a good idea? Will things work out? Who will help them? What would you do if you were in the situation?

Story Map

The children can draw a picture showing the main events in the story. This is great for retelling the story in their own words and summarising/picking out the main points of the story.

reading 4