I try to have lots of different concrete materials in the resource room for Maths. This makes the learning more enjoyable and fun for the children. Many children learn best when they are doing hands on activities but these materials can be very expensive. Most of the items I use are inexpensive and some are handmade.

Place Value

I made a set of these for each child last year when I had 3rd class. They were just a photocopiable page from Maths Matters Resource Book which I printed on colour and then laminated. I used the clips from Tiger to keep the packs organised. I made 2 of each number for the children.

thumb_IMG_3707_1024 thumb_IMG_3710_1024

I bought these magnetic numbers on Ebay – and these are great for place value too. The child can easily manipulate the digits to make different numbers.



I bought a pack of ‘play money’ in a 2 euro shop a couple of years ago. Here are the notes – theres 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 this can be used when learning about money or linked with place value. If I have a 100 euro note, a 20 euro note and a 5 euro note… how much do I have altogether. It will help children to learn about partitioning in a visual way.

I also have coins which are perfect when learning about money- getting/giving change and paying for items.

thumb_IMG_3713_1024  thumb_IMG_3722_1024

Popcorn maths

The children in my class last year LOVED this. I made a couple of different sets for ‘Popcorn Maths’ which you can read about here.

thumb_IMG_3724_1024 thumb_IMG_3725_1024


Cards can be used for so many different things when teaching Maths. You can read more here.


Lollipop Sticks

Lollipop sticks are another nice material to work with. These can be used as counters or here they are all in bundles of 10 so could be used for place value. (The child could exchange 10 bundles of 10 for a card saying 100 etc.)



Cubes/Blocks are really brilliant and can be easily manipulated when adding/subtracting. Once again they are really visual and the child can use two different colours to show how 10 is made. (6 orange and 4 blue or 3 red and 7 yellow)



Dice are another one of my favourite resources for Maths. Lots of ideas for Maths games with dice here.


I’m not sure where these dice are from as they were in school but these are similar from MDSS.thumb_IMG_3715_1024

The small pink dice is from Tiger and the larger dice is from Mr. Price.


Clocks are another essential when telling the time or working on problems involving time.



I like Dominoes as they are really inexpensive (available for 1.50 in Dealz/Mr. Price). They can be used as a game; children can chose a domino – the child with the highest number wins. They can find dominoes with the same amount of dots. They can stack them/line them up and watch them fall – so it doubles as a fine motor activity.



These are great for teaching children about different shapes. Nice problem solving activity. These were purchased on Ebay – a pack of 4.

thumb_IMG_3714_1024Other games to develop different skills; addition, times tables, telling the time, subtraction etc.