I’ve decided to put my favourite art lessons from this year together in a blogpost. Some of these are my own lessons while others were from colleagues. Hopefully you’ll find them useful!

First up is the theme of ‘It’s Okay to be Different’. This was one of the first art lessons we did in September focussing on our unique talents (self portraits) and then we choose words that best describe us to complete the second piece of artwork (I am…)

Next up are these Zentangle pieces. Each child drew their hand and then decorated using different lines/patterns.

For Halloween, we made clay monsters.

I love this pumpkin that one of the children made.

I love these Creepy cats that a colleague made!

These monster bookmarks were a great success too!

For Christmas we made these Christmas faces, Christmas trees and we worked as a class to create a Christmas tree of stars.


James Rizzi – Skyscrapers is always one of my favourite lessons!

These 2D Shape monsters were a great way to integrate Maths and Art.

We also loved making these circle zentangles (another link with Maths)

These paper sculptures are another link with Maths. Great for symmetry!

These 3D sculptures are great too! (From a colleague)

Our love monsters for Valentines Day!

These Easter bunnies are great fun and look amazing too!

These mothers day cards were a massive success and super cute!

These hot air balloons turned out really well too!

These one point perspective drawings were difficult but turned out really well!

We also made these 3D names Β (these were tricky too).

Loved these birds that a colleague made with her class!

We also covered the solar system and completed these drawings of the planets.

I love how these Britto inspired hearts worked out!

This is a brilliant lesson about continuing the pattern! The teacher printed out patterns from nature/the environment and the children then continued the pattern!