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I follow lots of different bloggers from beauty and fashion to fitness and food. Some bloggers have been able to make blogging a full time career. Ciara O’Doherty shares a great post explaining how bloggers earn money which you can watch here.

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I’ve recently started a series of blog posts ‘_______;School Supplies’ on the blog where I share some of my favourite items from the Back to School Range in different stores. So far I’ve visited Mr. Price, Dealz, Euro Giant, Tiger, Heatons, Sostrene Grene, The Works, Penney’s, Dunnes and Lidl. Personally, I love shopping for stationery and bits and pieces for school so I thought these posts would be helpful for other teachers to see whats available in different stores. Each of these posts has been read 1000’s of times.

I suppose this blog post is just to clarify that these blog posts are NOT sponsored.

  • I do not get paid by the companies to share my favourite items.
  • I do not get my favourite things for free/ at a discounted price.

I am writing these ‘School Supplies’ blogposts because I enjoy going to different shops and seeing whats on offer. (There might be some collaboration in the future – in terms of a prize for a competition but I do not get paid to write the posts!)

Sometimes, I get sent new books from educational companies to review. If I think the books are really good then I’ll share them on the blog or write a review about them! (It will be mentioned if I was sent the book.)

My blog is a hobby which I really enjoy. I work full time as a teacher and run the blog, Facebook page, Instagram page, twitter account, emails etc. on my own. The blog has grown considerably in the last 2 years – more than I ever imagined and I’m delighted to have so many followers!


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