Spot on Sports Gaelic Football

I was recently sent a Spot on Sports Gaelic Football to try out with my class. This is a new Gaelic football which has recently been launched by Spot on Sports in Co. Kildare. The footballs will be used by the LGFA and GAA development officers nationwide this year.

Visual Aids

The first thing I noticed about the ball were the visual aids. There are unique markings on the ball which guide the children on how to hold the ball, where to kick and where to hand pass. These markings will help teach the skills of Gaelic football in an easy to understand way for children. They are also very useful for teachers who may not be very familiar with exactly how the children need to hold the ball or where to kick/hand pass etc.

Online Material

There is a great selection of online material provided here.  Along with warm up games here, and games for improving technique here. These are helpful planning tools and good for demonstrating before trying it out in class.

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