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Arts and crafts materials are always welcome! I’m constantly looking for art ideas on pinterest and picking up bits and pieces for lessons everywhere I go. Emily from S&S Arts and Crafts kindly sent me some arts and crafts resources last week.

S&S Arts and Crafts offer a wide range of arts and crafts materials. They are based in Swansea in the U.K. so the prices are in pounds. They sell everything from PVA glue, to art straws, pom poms to paper and card. They have a great range of materials for special occasions such as Halloween/Christmas too! Here are some of the resources I received – I can’t wait to use the Christmas materials!


S&S Arts and Crafts have a huge range of paper and card, available in every colour and size you need which you can see here.

Christmas materials

Rollers – these will be perfect as a border or for a printing lesson – maybe making Christmas wrapping paper.

The rollers are £2.99 for a set of 3 and are available here.


These sequins will be a perfect addition to Christmas cards, posters or artwork! The children will love all the different types! There is currently a special offer on these and they are £0.70 available here.

Stamps and sponges

These will be great for decorating wrapping paper or a border. They will be great for younger classes for print making too. The sponges are available as a set of 5 and are £2.99 here. The palm printers are £3.87 for a pack of 6 (as above) and are available here.


These gold, silver and bronze paints will be really useful around Christmas time (and throughout the year too). I’ll be keeping these for extra special art projects!

Christmas Decorations

I love the pack of these wooden Christmas decorations. They come with gold string too so each child can design their own for the class Christmas tree and then bring it home for their own Christmas tree too. (They are £4.79 for a pack of 50 and available here. )

These pipe cleaners will also come in handy! They also come with a helpful ‘What can I make’ leaflet.  They are currently on sale at £0.20 for a pack of 60 here.)

To find out more about S&S Arts and Crafts you can visit their website here.

You can currently avail of a discount code ‘IPT15‘ for 15% off your order!



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