Today is the 1st of March – only 2 weeks to St. Patrick’s Day! This is a quick blogpost with ideas for activities in the lead up to it.

1. Leprechauns (Suitable for all ages – can be adapted depending on your class)
Create your own leprechaun (art – drawing and english – writing)

  • Draw him/her
  • Write about him/her – what do they like to eat/drink? what do they not like? where does he/she live? what do they enjoy doing?
Create a leprechaun house (construction – art)
  • use a variety of recycled materials (cardboard boxes, toilet roll holders, egg cartons etc) to create it.
2. Irish Fact Book (Older classes)
Create a fact book about the day which could be used to teach children from different countries about Ireland and St. Patrick. (english – writing)
3. Story of St. Patrick
Read the story – sequence it 
Drama – act out the story

4. Irish quotations
Children choose an Irish blessing/ quotation and make a poster. (art, gaeilge – frásaí)

5. The luck of the Irish
Children write all the reasons that make them lucky on shamrocks and make a whole class display.

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