Starting at a new school

I’ve done lots of subbing and have started in about 7 new schools since graduating. Starting in a new school can be very daunting but once you’re prepared everything will go smoothly.

  • Remember to read up on school policies so you know what to do in any given situation. If you are unsure about something, go and ask.
  • If you are an NQT, ask your mentor. (I made a list of reminders on my phone and would pop down to my mentor once or twice a week.)
  • Remember to smile! Starting a new role can be scary, but once you smile, you relax and seem much more approachable.
  • Introduce yourself – go on, be brave!

  • Be strict but fair with the children. Discuss the class rules (I always allow the children to come up with the rules). 
  • Introduce your classroom management policy. (What happens if you break a rule, how can you be rewarded for staying on task etc.)

Best of luck!
Enjoy it!

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