Stationery; Why I invest…

I love stationery and struggle to get through stationery shops without picking up something. I spend way too much money on stationery and notebooks and probably have 1 (or 10) of everything at this stage.



Last year I bought my first set of sharpies. I was like a child on Christmas morning when I opened the pack and used them all. I got them half price in Easons – I think they cost about €13 for 24 different colours. I had always bought packs of permanent markers for less than €2 in Dealz or Mr. Price but they usually run out before the end of September. I used the Sharpies regularly throughout the year – for displays, posters, worksheets and they are still as good as new!




Pens are another worthwhile investment. Yes you can get 10 for €1.50 in Dealz but these won’t last until October. I love buying pens in different colours (These BIC pens are on offer in Tesco and Easons at the moment for €2.25 for a pack). Pens don’t need to be really expensive to be good.


Once again a worthwhile investment. Last October we were going into Dublin for a school tour in the National History Museum and National Art Gallery. I bought a packet of pencils because I knew some children would forget theirs or they would break and I thought it would be a good idea to be prepared. I picked up a cheap pack in Dealz – after trying to sharpen them before the trip – I ended up throwing 3 in the bin. The remaining 7 broke a number of times and only 2 of them lasted being sharpened again.



Once again something to invest in. I have 2 class sharpeners that the children can use to make their pencils pointy. (There is nothing that annoys me more than writing in blunt pencils!) I bought these two in Tesco which make a bit of noise but they work really well and the children like using them so don’t need too much encouragement to have sharp pencils!



Gluesticks were like gold dust in my classroom all year. I decided to buy a few that the children could use when they forgot their own. I didn’t want to buy Pritt Stick because its expensive so I bought a pack of 5 from Dealz. They lasted 2 days – not because they were used a lot but they just broke. So I then invested in 10 Pritt Sticks which lasted the rest of the year. (It’s also half price in Tesco at the moment!)


So thats the reason I invest in better quality stationery and supplies! Do you have any other tips or supplies to invest in?



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