I’ve recently tried a few STEM challenges in the resource room. They are great for social skills or language group activities.


Social skills

  • Working together
  • Taking turns
  • Problem solving
  • Conversation skills

Language group

  • Vocabulary
  • Conversation
  • Retelling and sequencing what we did
  • Procedural writing

Building the tallest tower – using IKEA cups


Children worked in pairs to see how tall they could build their tower. It was great to see them problem solving, discussing and working together. It was a practical fun activity and the children really enjoyed it.

img_6484 img_6496 img_6483

Building the strongest bridge

Lesson from Primary Science

img_6447 img_6452

This was another great lesson. We just used things that were available in the classroom to make the bridge and dominoes as a unit of measurement.

Water slides


This is a STEM lesson from Teachers are Terrific which you can see here.

Pom Pom Drops


This is from Coffee Cups and Crayons which you can read here.





Catapults are always a huge hit! These are fairly easy to make too. Step by step instructions here.

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