Stop trying to reinvent the wheel!

During teaching practice and when I first qualified I felt I needed to make everything from scratch. I made countless notebook presentations, powerpoints, worksheets etc. I soon realised I was wasting time concentrating on making resources and not on the actual teaching.
There are fantastic websites with free resources which you can easily download and then save (for future use) or print or display on your IWB.

For maths;
Math aids – make your own worksheets
Primary resources is super for every topic. You can also share resources you have made!
Maths is fun!
Math Fact Cafe – super for making resources for 1st – 4th class
Maths shed

For literacy;
Primary resources
Literacy shed

Galactic Phonics
Spelling City – spellings/word lists/ worksheets
Phonics Play

General resources/ Interactive resources;
Topmarks – interactive resources
Teaching Ideas
Primary Resources
Twinkl – sign up for Gold/Platinum membership.

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