I’ve decided to start a new series of blogposts for substitute teachers. When I first started teaching, I always hoped that there would be some sort of plan available if I was subbing in a new school/new class because it is very hard to think on your feet when there are so many other things to do and remember. So in this series of blogposts I’m hoping to share some useful websites/books/resources that I like and that might be helpful for a subbing toolkit.

This blogpost will focus on Gaeilge;


Practice some key questions (Examples below);

  • Dia duit, Dia is Muire duit
  • Conas atá tú? Tá mé go maith.
  • Cad is ainm duit? ______ is ainm dom.
  • Cén aois thú? Tá mé ________.
  • Cá bhfuil tú i do chónaí? Táim i mo chónaí i ___________.
  • An bhfuil dearthair agat? Tá/Níl

I find a ball adds some fun and the children are more likely to want to be involved. This is also a way to practice asking and answering questions.

A puppet is also a nice way to practice these questions.


This website is really great! It is split into 3 sections – bunleibhéal, méanleibhéal and ardleibhéal. There is a story for each theme and within each story there are activities for talking, listening, reading and writing. You can also download the activities in a pdf document (all free of charge).

Silly sentences

This is a fun activity to practice sentence structure as gaeilge. Make a list of people, verbs and places. The children can then write sentences using these lists beginning with ‘Tá/Bhí’

Bhí an dochtúir ag damhsa sa chistin.