I’ve decided to start a new series of blogposts for substitute teachers. When I first started teaching, I always hoped that there would be some sort of plan available if I was subbing in a new school/new class because it is very hard to think on your feet when there are so many other things to do and remember. So in this series of blogposts I’m hoping to share some useful websites/books/resources that I like and that might be helpful for a subbing toolkit.

This blogpost will focus on Numeracy;

Word problems

If the children have recently completed a topic – you could make up some word problems based on the topic. I find Brainteasers and Mad 4 Maths excellent as they are topic based!

I also love Work it Out (you can access the ebook online here once you create an account).

Create your own worksheet

This is a great way to revise a topic/ the mathematical language covered and to check for understanding. Each child can write some problems based on a topic that has been covered. They can include sums and word problems etc.

The children can then complete the worksheet designed by one of their classmates.

Fix the mistake

Write some questions/ problems on the board and make a mistake with them – the children then have to write the problems and answers properly in their copy and mark the mistake/explain the mistake.

Whats the question

Pick a target number. The children have to use different operations to reach the target. (Countdown game)

Starter of the day

This is a great website which has hundreds of different problems. If the daily starter isn’t suitable then you can go through the topics and find one that works! (Link here).

Useful links