A lot of schools are back in the next week or two so it’s time to start preparing your subbing kit and a few lessons.

Subbing kit;
Labels (for names)
Pens/Pencils (in different colours – some schools use a specific colour for marking) or even a multi-pen would be ideal.
Stickers (metallic stars are best as they are gender neutral and small – can be used in copies or on a jumper)
Paper (coloured/white)

Sample lessons;

Literacy; usually an oral language based lesson is best. A discussion or debate with senior classes.

  • Children should not have to wear a uniform.
  • Television should be banned.
  • Computers are better than books.
  • Movies are always better than the book version.
  • Homework is a waste of time.
For junior classes; a recount is a great way for children to practise their writing skills. This could follow on from a discussion.
  • The weekend
  • My favourite holiday
  • School trip/School tour
  • An accident
Maths; as much as possible; don’t teach something new. Every teacher has their own way of teaching something and complicated/ new material needs to be done by the teacher. Don’t attempt to teach long division or multiplication (unless it is a recap.)
Stick to Mental Maths/ Maths Quiz (based on what children have learned already), recap on materials covered or something based on Shape and Space or Time.
Math Aids is a fantastic website for printable worksheets. If you don’t have access to the photocopier/printer than you can display the sheet on the IWB.
Math Fact Cafe is also great for worksheets.
Drama – I love teaching drama and often base my drama lessons on the story of Green Giant. This lesson should be over two days.
Input – children work together to create a town on the IWB. Each child comes up to the board and draws something to add to the town.
Development  – draw a giant mountain behind the town and explain to the children that this mountain is called Giant and the townspeople (the children) love going to Giant. Discuss what the children do on Giant (picnic, roll down the hill, play games, read etc.) Children work in groups and role play these activities.
Conclusion – children show their role play to the other groups and frieze frame while other children guess what is happening.
Day 2
Input – quick recap about Giant and how important the mountain is to the townspeople. Get children to close their eyes. Rub Giant out from the town. Show children a letter left by Giant explaining that he is gone because the children keep leaving rubbish after their picnic, picking flowers that are not fully grown, breaking branches on trees and destroying the natural environment.
Development – meeting of the townspeople. Discussion of how to get Giant to come back and how to protect the environment. Teacher in role as mayor. Children in role as townspeople.
Conclusion – Conscience alley – Giant walks up and down a row of children (1/2 telling giant to stay and 1/2 telling giant to leave – Giant must decide whether to stay or leave.
This lesson can then continue into a Geography lesson about how to protect the environment. Children could design posters to show how best to look after the world we live in.
It could also continue into a music lesson to create sound effects for the story.
A drama lesson could also be based around the story the children are reading. The story can be divided into scenes and each group can then be given a scene to perform.
If the teacher leaves work – be sure to do that first before your own lessons.
Hope this helps
Niamh x