Summer Course; The National Childrens Choir (A review)

I completed this course with the National Childrens Choir during the first week of the summer holidays. I haven’t done a face to face course in 3/4 years so was looking forward to something different. Getting up on the first morning was extremely difficult as I was in holiday mode.


Course Details

  • The course is a preparation course for teachers who want their class or school choir to take part in the concerts. However, as I won’t have my own class next year I decided to do the course because I love music and a friend told me it was great!
  • At the course we were given the repertoire of songs that need to be taught and a timeline of when each song needs to be learned by. I really like the repertoire with favourites such as ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ and lesser known pieces such as ‘Lightning’. Check it out here.
  • Each class/choir that wishes to participate affiliates with the choir. There is a cost of 6 euro per child to affiliate.
  • During the year there will be local practices around the country where all schools participating will come together to practice the repertoire.
  • Then there will be local concerts where the schools come together to perform for parents and members of the community.
  • Finally a percentage of children from each school will be chosen to perform at the National Concert Hall.
  • The cost of the course was €100 which included the vocal scores and CD’s.
  • Further information can be found here.

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Musical Directors

  • The course was run by 3 Musical Directors along with the national committee of the National Childrens Choir.
  • The Musical Directors were Anne Purcell, Mairéad Déiseach and Órla Gillan who were all brilliant. They each had a set of songs (15 in total) to teach. Each teacher had a different approach and I learned a lot from each of them from from good warm-ups for a choir to conducting the choir. There was a lot to get through in just 5 days but they did it with great fun and enthusiasm.

Aims of the National Children’s Choir

  • “To foster a love of choral singing among primary school pupils” and ” to enhance the musical education of those involved”.
  • The musical directors emphasised that the National Childrens Choir is not only for the ‘best singers’ or children who come from certain areas which I think is really important. It is a brilliant chance from children in local areas to get to know one another through the choir and build lasting friendships through the love of music.

Overall, the course was really enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it.

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