Summer time and Irish Primary Teacher,

Yay its the summer holidays! I hope everyone is enjoying a well deserved break. This post is just a quick update and my plans for the blog over the summer.


The Website

As many of you know, I accidentally deleted the whole website on the Thursday we got our holidays – there was a mix up with hosting and I panicked (I’m putting it down to end of year teacher tired) and tried to move the site off one hosting plan to put it on another – in the process deleting it. I spent the rest of the evening and night crying and trying to get it back – but no luck. Thankfully we had the sense to download the cached versions of the blogposts onto word documents. (A very time consuming tedious task…)

website broken

We went to Kerry the following morning as my boyfriend was doing the ‘Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle’ and unfortunately the hotel wi-fi wasn’t too good so I didn’t get a chance to do any work on it. The following week there was talk of re-attaching data bases and some other things I didn’t understand… it felt like an age where I could do nothing so in the end I decided to start from scratch and build the website again. (Having built it completely on my own the first time – I had a good idea of what I needed to do and how to do it so most of the site got back to normal quickly.) Then came the incredibly boring task of re-uploading the blog posts which we had saved. This took an age but most of them have now been uploaded to the site. After that came the pictures and photographs which unfortunately weren’t very organised and that took a long time to sort through too. Finally came the store – which at this moment in time is still a work in progress. I decided to have different categories for the store so that downloads were easier to find. I also decided to have a little snapshot of the products before you download them to make sure they are what you want!

I’ve spent a lot of time on the site over the past 2 weeks to try to get it back to normal and thankfully its nearly there.

Blogging over the Summer

I set up the blog over 2 years ago to share tips and ideas. The summer holidays are always pose a question – “To blog or not to blog “- I know some  people want to enjoy their holidays and don’t want to read anything about school. I also know that some people like to do a little bit every week and enjoy reading the blog posts. So it leaves me with a bit of a dilemma.

Personally, I think everyone needs to take a break over the summer holidays and its important to completely switch off from school related business. However everyone has different routines about when to do some school work – some people adopt a ‘little and often’ approach while others prefer to work really hard for 1/2 weeks and then take the rest of the summer off. Some people work hard in July and take August and others work hard in August and take July off. So I think I’ll adopt the ‘little and often’ approach to try and cater for most people.

little and often

School Work

I have resource next year so theres not a huge amount of preparation work that I can do over the summer. I’ll be sharing some tips/ideas on working in resource over the summer and closer to September that you might find useful!

school work

Summer Courses

I’ve already completed 2 summer courses – 1 face to face and 1 online. I have 2 more to do (I signed up to do 3 online before the face to face – I’ve already paid for it so may as well do it even if I don’t get any days for it).

The first course was ‘The National Childrens Choir’ course which was brilliant and the second was ‘Beyond 2020 – Using Technology in the Primary Classroom’.

Other plans

I’m looking forward to spending lots of time catching up with friends and family who I don’t get to see often enough during the year. I’m also going to spend a lot of time practising the piano – a new hobby I started this year.

Hopefully I’ll get to go away somewhere too but I have no plans yet!

catch up


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