This is a really easy name card activity that children can make on the first day. All you need is a piece of A4 paper (any colour – card might work slightly better!)

Fold the piece of paper into 3 equal parts (or thirds)

Write your name and decorate the middle part.

Stand it up – fold back the top and bottom rectangles so only the name section can be seen. (You can glue the top to bottom to keep it in place but with card it will definitely stand without any glue!)

The children can place these in front of them on their tables – its a really nice simple activity which the children can decorate with their favourite things. It’s a great way for the teacher to learn the names of all children in the class and they don’t get as tattered as labels.

The names can then be used for display in the classroom – maybe as part of a jobs display/WOW work display etc.