I recently spotted these table boards from ABC School Supplies and thought they would be great to use for quick recall of multiples and tables. ABC School Supplies kindly sent me a set for my classroom and we’ve been using them a lot this week.

What’s included?

There is 1 large board for display/whole class instruction and 30 small boards for the children. The pack is €34.99 and available here.

You can also buy the large board on its own for €9.99 here.

Some ideas for using the boards in the classroom

Quick recall of tables – the class are given a board each and each child writes the multiples of the given table around as quickly as they can. (Add a timer to add an extra challenge – can the class beat their score?)

Pass the board– children work in teams of 4/5, each child takes a turn and writes the answer to one table then passes the board to the next person until all sections are complete. The team who completes their board first wins.

Addition/Subtraction- the boards can be a used for quick recall of addition and subtraction. (As the numbers are in consecutive order, I would encourage children to answer them in random order – otherwise they will just write the next number rather than practice their addition/subtraction facts.)

I think they will be great for directed numbers too!