It’s nearly the end of the year and that means writing reports – 1 single piece of paper that is meant to summarise a child’s progress throughout the year. Some schools type their reports but we still write ours. Each child has a booklet (with duplicates of previous years reports) which is filled in each year.

Be honest

It’s important to be honest in the report – but there should be a mix of positive and ways to improve. It’s also very important not to say something that you haven’t already mentioned to the childs parents – this shouldn’t be the first time they hear about something.

Be concise

Don’t write too much – keep it to the point.

Sandwich approach

Start with the positive points – some areas of improvement and end on a positive note.

Tick boxes

This part is probably the easiest! I try to do this first before the comment section. Personally I do all the tick boxes for each child and then go back and do the comment sections at the end.

Comment section

This can be the hardest part – roughly 50-70 words to summarise the child’s progress throughout the year. I always make a word document where I write up the comment section for each child – then I can easily edit it and check for spellings etc. before writing it onto the report card.

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