There’s no denying that this year is stressful and difficult. It will seem at times that they taught you nothing in college and that you’ll never get through the mounds of paperwork and corrections and planning and problems. But you will!

Top tips


  • Get a notebook. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Write down everything you need to do. (Otherwise you end up forgetting that termly plans are due on Wednesday and you need to have an updated class list to the principal and a display on the solar system and 30 tests to mark) Then tick off things as you do them.
  • Go in early. If school starts at 8.50am then be there for 8.15. This gives you half an hour to do a few bits and set yourself up for the day.
  • Have a cut off point. If you work better in school, then stay there (providing your school stays open). But have a clear point where you stop working. For me, I stay in school until 4.30/4.45 come home and relax for a while and then do another hour after dinner. I stop completely at 8.30pm.
  • Exercise. You need to get out and get active. It helps you to relax. So get on your runners go for a walk/jog or go to a fitness class or for a swim.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. At times you will feel stressed so being around positive friends and family will help you to get through the tough days.
  • Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. (click here for good websites!) Get some of your resources from the internet or from other teachers.
  • Ask for help. If you are not sure about something ask, if your still not sure ask again. Theres always someone you can talk to either at school, at your local teachers centre or in your union. Keep in contact with the people you went to college with – set up a facebook group and ask for advice from others!
Please get in contact if I can be of any help at all! 🙂