Give Me 5; An approach to job applications and interviews

I’ve written a number of blogposts about applying for jobs and interview questions. I’ve spoken to countless newly qualified teachers or teachers who don’t have a permanent job yet and will face the application process again this year so I’m writing this blogpost to share something I have used in the past to help me […]

Tailoring your application

If you are applying for jobs in different counties in Ireland you probably don’t know much about the schools you’re applying to. It is important to try tailor your application to each individual school and to show how your talents would benefit the school in question. This blog post is showing you where to find […]

The Dip Process – What’s the point?

I’ve been reading up on the new ‘dip’ process – Droichead and decided to write a blog post/rant about the whole dip process in general and some suggestions which could be more beneficial for everyone. First of all, why do we need a dip/droichead process? Teachers go to college for 4 years now (I know Hibernia […]

Subbing; Some Tips

Most teachers have at some point in their career worked as a sub. During my first year out, I subbed in 5/6 schools from September – December and was lucky enough to get a Part Time resource contract from January to March due to getting to know the school and staff and working as a […]

Returning from UK/ Abroad?

  I’ve received lots of messages from teachers who trained in the UK and now wish to return to Ireland or teachers who have been working in the UK and now want to come back home. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Permanent Jobs in Teaching

I left college in 2011, sent thousands of application forms and subbed in lots of different schools but job prospects were awful. I was lucky to get a part time resource position from January – March and then a full time resource position for the rest of the year. Following this, I got a temporary […]