Halloween Art Ideas

I know it’s a bit early but this will give you a chance to get the materials you require. Spooky Silhouettes Art teacher in LA Mythical creatures (made from clay/ could be a drawing lesson too!)   Monster Attack The children chose an image from newspaper/magazine (mainly vehicles but any images could be used). They […]

Hands On – Crafts for the Classroom

Ultan the editor of ‘Hands On – Crafts for the Classroom’ got in touch with me before we went back to school about this publication. Art is certainly not my strong point so I was excited to read about the books and delighted when the hard copies arrived in the post. My first impression was […]

Recreate Ireland; Creativity through Reuse

Last week as I was browsing Facebook a post from Recreate Ireland popped up on my page – I had previously liked the page and I knew my school had a membership but that was about all I knew so I clicked onto their page and was really interested in learning more about them. I […]

Art Supplies

Usually if you are working in a mainstream classroom you’re given an art budget which is typically between 5 and 8 euro per child. So in a class of 28 children you will have approximately 150 – 200 euro or more to spend on art supplies for the year.