First Week Back after Easter

Things have been quiet on the blog front for the last few weeks. I’ve been organising posts by subject so you should be able to find blogposts easier! We will also have a curriculum evaluation in Maths this week so things have been hectic in school. (I’ll let you know how it goes once we […]

What’s working well so far

2 weeks back and this is the first chance I’ve had to write a blogpost. Here is a quick overview of what is working well so far since we got back to school. Table layout Our classrooms were given a deep clean during the Christmas holidays, so we had to have all the tables cleared […]


I can’t believe it’s October already. September was a very busy month for me. I have to be honest and admit that it took me a good few weeks to get used to being back in the classroom; I had forgotten/blocked out the memories of corrections and photocopying and laminating and being really organised so […]

The first full week

The first full week of school was tough, very tough. I was exhausted by Tuesday and still had three¬†more days to go. This blogpost is just a quick overview of things that worked well for me this week and things that I need to change. Classroom Layout I started the year with 3 groups (2 […]

Day 1…

Today was our first day back, we had no children just whole staff meeting, hand overs with previous teachers, organising resources, year group meetings, sorting books/copies and art supplies, finishing classroom organisation/decoration etc.

My plan for the first two days

I always over plan¬†for the first few days with a new class – it’s difficult to know how much work the kids will get through when you don’t really know them and I prefer to have lots to keep the children busy rather than too little and hearing the dreaded ‘I’m finished – what now’ […]

Feelings and Back to School

This time next week I’ll be getting ready for our first day back. We have a staff day next Wednesday for handovers, meetings and planning for the year ahead and some time to set up/organise our classrooms. The children will be in on Thursday and Friday. To be honest I’m feeling lots of different emotions […]

School Supplies with Mr. Price

When it comes to ‘Back to School’ supplies, Mr. Price is one of my favourite shops. It has everything you need from planners to paper, glue to dice, board games to storage boxes. Whatever you need for school – Mr. Price is a great place to go. The prices are also really good and much […]

Super Simple Name Card Activity for the First Day

This is a really easy name card activity that children can make on the first day. All you need is a piece of A4 paper (any colour – card might work slightly better!) Fold the piece of paper into 3 equal parts (or thirds) Write your name and decorate the middle part. Stand it up […]

The First Day

This day 2 weeks I will be back in school! It’s scary how quickly the summer has gone and how fast September is approaching. I’m feeling a bit nervous as I’ve been working mainly with 3rd class for the last few years and its a bit of a jump to 5th class but overall very […]

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