Book Recommendations for 1st and 2nd Class

A selection of books for 1st and 2nd class – thanks to everyone for their recommendations! I’ve included links to the Book Depository which is one of my favourite places to buy books and theres always great deals! (Please note these are affiliate links) If you have any other recommendations that you’d like to add […]

Novels that deal with difficult concepts/themes

I’ve been reading a few great novels with my class over the last few months and I’ve spotted a lot of stories that deal with themes and concepts that can be difficult to explain or difficult for children to relate to. With a book, children can understand and walk in the shoes of the characters […]

Reading a Novel; Some Ideas

Novels are a great focus for a reading lesson. In this post, I’ll share some tips and ideas that I’ve used when teaching a novel. Hopefully you’ll find something useful. Reading Teacher reads Students read aloud Students read silently (together in class) Students read at home I usually read the novel as the children enjoy […]

Schonell Reading and Spelling Test

I’ve received lots of messages from people who are new to resource wondering what type of assessment to complete. Assessments can be really expensive to purchase and some only cater for a small percentage of pupils. The Schonell Reading and Spelling tests are available free of charge online and are really easy to complete. Seomra […]