New Room

As many of you know, I moved rooms this week. I had been sharing with two other teachers since September but the noise levels were too much for the children I was working with so we had to come up with a different arrangement. I spent most of the last week organising my resources and […]

Working as a Resource Teacher; Planning Part 2

I’ve just finished another set of weekly plans for resource. I find planning weekly works best for me as things can change a lot from one week to another but it can be very time consuming. I’ve also found that over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to do too much in the sessions – […]

Working as a Resource Teacher; The IEP

If you are working as a resource teacher you are probably in the middle of writing up your IEPs. These usually need to be completed by the start/middle of October. So instead of writing mine – I’ve decided to procrastinate… The IEP’s are a programme of work that you design to cater for the needs […]

Working as a Resource Teacher; Planning

I’ve received a number of messages about the planning needed for resource teaching – to be 100% honest I’ve heard 10 different answers and I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere. So this blogpost is about how I do my planning.

Working as a Resource Teacher; Meeting with Parents

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been meeting with parents of the children I’ll be working with this year. A meeting at the beginning of the year is really beneficial to find out about the children who will be attending resource. This gives parents an opportunity to meet you, ask questions and share important information […]

Week 1; Working as a Resource Teacher

We returned to school last Monday – no children just meetings, classroom set up and handover of information. The children arrived on Tuesday and by Friday I was exhausted. Overall it was a successful week, we did a lot of setting up in the resource rooms, organising resources for the children we would be working […]

Making your Timetable (Resource Teacher)

Making a timetable for resource can be tricky. The resource hour allocations were cut by 15% a few years ago. I find it best to work in minutes rather than hours so I’ve made this table which you might find helpful. It includes the new allocations (-15%) and the minutes that the child is entitled […]

Working Memory

I remember hearing about working memory during Developmental Education lectures in college but didn’t really understand what it meant. Children who have difficulties with their short term/ working memory may; be unable to follow 2/3 instructions together have forgotten what they were meant to do when they need to work independently easily distracted lose their […]