A look at salary scales

It is often said that timing is everything, and in the teaching profession this could ring true for a lot of people who graduated in the period between 2010 and 2012. Those who took a gap year, or struggled to find a position after finishing University, thus entering the profession later than they would have otherwise, face […]

Parent Teacher Meetings

The time for parent teacher meetings is fast approaching – ours will be held in 2 weeks time. I find parent teacher meetings are often very enlightening and help you to better understand some of the children you’re working with this year. They can also be a stressful time for teachers as they do require […]

Holidays; Italy

Holidays are definitely one of the perks of being a teacher. When I was coming back from a holiday last year I thought about setting up a travel blog – then realised that IPT already took up so much time so I wouldn’t be able to run a second blog too. I’m going to do […]

Class Teachers – Making your Timetable

I’ve received lots of messages about making a timetable for class teachers. My timetable changed a lot last year as I got to know my class better and noticed that some lessons were better at different times of the day. I think its nice to get Literacy, Numeracy and Gaeilge completed before big lunch as […]

Working with Parents

Working with parents is part of our jobs as teachers. It can be a very daunting task for a new teacher to face 30 sets of parents so here are some of my tips.


I had lots of different copies last year and by the end of the year there were a few that had very little in them. Literacy We call the copies ‘Personal Writing’ – which includes all the writing genres – stories, recounts, procedures, explanation as well as the childrens response to stories/poems etc. ‘Functional Writing’ which […]

Dealz; School Supplies

I headed to the Square in Tallaght yesterday as I wanted to go to Debenhams. I had to go to Dealz while I was there. The shop was packed – there was barely enough space to walk around as everyone was grabbing bargains. The ‘Back to School’ aisle was manic with people picking up everything […]

Penneys and Dunnes; School Supplies

I’ve been taking a few pictures of bits and pieces that I think would be suitable for school. This weekend, I was at home in Waterford and went into town with mam. We popped into Dunnes and Penneys and I thought these were some nice things for school.

Back to School with Twinkl

Twinkl offered me a 6 month membership to try out and share my thoughts on their resources. The 6 months are nearly up now and I’m devastated. When teaching in the UK, I bought a Twinkl membership while teaching Year 1 and thought it was brilliant – such a time saver and the quality of […]