What is involved in creating resources?

My blog was initially a place where I shared ideas, tips and advice. It now also has a store where I upload documents that I’ve made. This blogpost is to show how long it takes to make each individual resource and the amount of work that goes into it.

Moving rooms/schools and organising resources

I recently learned that I’ll be moving back to Resource next year so it meant doing a massive packing and organising of resources (again). My previous blog post on organising resources which you can read here. Moving to resource means I’ll have much less space and won’t need a lot of my resources that I bought/made for […]

Organising Resources

Since qualifying I have spent a small fortune on resources from books to markers and mini-whiteboards. I really enjoy going to Mr. Price, Dealz, Tiger and any other stationery or teaching related shops and picking up bits and pieces for school.

Art Supplies

Usually if you are working in a mainstream classroom you’re given an art budget which is typically between 5 and 8 euro per child. So in a class of 28 children you will have approximately 150 – 200 euro or more to spend on art supplies for the year.