Surviving the Madness

This time of year is magical but hectic in schools. The children (and teachers) are super excited for Christmas and there is a huge amount of different activities thrown into the mix of the normal school day so here’s a couple of tips that work for me. Hot Chocolate Challenge The Hot Chocolate Challenge is […]

End of year organisation

As the end of this year approaches, I find it a good time to declutter, organise and stock take. I’m a self confessed hoarder who keeps everything just in case so I find the end of the year a perfect time to reorganise things and dump/ give away things I don’t need. Next year If […]

Plans for June

It’s finally June! I always find June such a busy month but here are a few ideas/ lessons that I’ll be using in my classroom!

PME Interview Questions

I’ve received lots of messages from followers who will soon be completing PME interviews. I have no experience of these interviews myself as I went straight to Mary Immaculate College after secondary school. But many of my followers are currently completing the PME or have completed it in the past so they kindly sent me […]

Maths: Area and Perimeter

I’ve decided to do a few blogposts on various areas of the Maths curriculum – sharing some ideas that I use in my classroom. I love teaching Maths, I try to make it as practical as possible – some concepts lend themselves to practical hands on tasks and lessons, while others need lots of drills […]

What’s working well so far

2 weeks back and this is the first chance I’ve had to write a blogpost. Here is a quick overview of what is working well so far since we got back to school. Table layout Our classrooms were given a deep clean during the Christmas holidays, so we had to have all the tables cleared […]

Sample Interview Answers 3

Preparing for interviews can be very daunting – here are some sample answers to help you to get started. As I’ve mentioned before, there is no such thing as a perfect answer as this differs from school to school depending on the needs of the school. I think it’s important to write your own answers with […]

Mothers Day Ideas

Mothers Day is on the 11th March this year. It can be a difficult day for children and adults who have lost their mothers so its important to be aware of the home situations of the children in your class and maybe instead of the focus on ‘Mothers’ day they could choose a female person who plays […]

Another Trip to Recreate

I visited Recreate last August and was really impressed with the range of products they have. Here’s the blogpost I wrote about Recreate and how to join. You can read it here.

New Model; Special Education Teaching Resources

Minister Bruton announced that the new model for allocation of resource teachers would be implemented from next September. This post is a quick overview of the new model and how it will differ from the current model. Current model Child receives diagnosis of special educational need from an educational psychologist School applies to the Special […]

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