Class Teachers – Making your Timetable

I’ve received lots of messages about making a timetable for class teachers. My timetable changed a lot last year as I got to know my class better and noticed that some lessons were better at different times of the day. I think its nice to get Literacy, Numeracy and Gaeilge completed before big lunch as […]

Week 1; Working as a Resource Teacher

We returned to school last Monday – no children just meetings, classroom set up and handover of information. The children arrived on Tuesday and by Friday I was exhausted. Overall it was a successful week, we did a lot of setting up in the resource rooms, organising resources for the children we would be working […]

Making your Timetable (Resource Teacher)

Making a timetable for resource can be tricky. The resource hour allocations were cut by 15% a few years ago. I find it best to work in minutes rather than hours so I’ve made this table which you might find helpful. It includes the new allocations (-15%) and the minutes that the child is entitled […]