If you are applying for jobs in different counties in Ireland you probably don’t know much about the schools you’re applying to. It is important to try tailor your application to each individual school and to show how your talents would benefit the school in question. This blog post is showing you where to find information on individual schools and how to use this information in your application form.

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School Website

Most schools now have a school website/blog that they update regularly. There is so much information available on school websites that you can use to tailor your application.

Mission Statement/About Us/ Our Philosophy

This is the first section to look at as it tells you a lot about the ethos and the values of the school. Use some of the phrases/ information in your application form with examples of how you would be suitable as a teacher in the school.

School News

school news

Many schools have newsletters/ regular updates on their blog/website. These provide brilliant overviews of the important events in the school. This is a great way to find out about the school community, what individual classes/year groups have been doing and the extra-curricular events that take place.

There also might be a section for individual classes to share their news/ give updates. Here is where you will find out a lot about the school. Use this information to support your application.

School Policies

These are really useful to read to get an overview of how the school works. The main policies to read are;

  • Behaviour management
  • Anti-bullying
  • Homework
  • Subjects – particularly literacy and numeracy
  • School Improvement Plan/School Self Evaluation

(This section is particularly useful for interviews)

Photo Gallery

A picture speaks a thousand words. There is a lot to be learned by looking at classroom/ school photos. You can quickly see where school values lie – which sports are played at the school and if the school are involved with Green Schools/ Active Schools/ music events.

If the school is already involved; how can your skills and experience help the school to continue growing?

If the school isn’t involved yet; What would you love to set up? How would this benefit the school community?


A quick google search can help you to find information about the schools including;

  • School Website
  • WSE Report (You can learn about the areas that the school is really good at and the areas where they need to grow – how could you help in this area?)
  • Newspaper articles about the school (This is particularly useful for learning about the sports/ extra-curricular activities the school is involved with).

Social Media

social media

An increasing number of schools have social media accounts which they update regularly. (Twitter seems to be the most popular for schools). These too give a snapshot of daily life in the school.