Taking a break

I’m writing this while sitting on a plane that we’ve just been told will be delayed for an hour and a half but it’s been a post I’ve been thinking about writing for a while. Yesterday we got our Easter holidays and for me they couldn’t have come any sooner. The last term was long, very long and the break is definitely needed! 

I suppose I’m writing this blogpost to encourage everyone to take a well deserved rest during this break- catch up with family and friends, go for a walk or a swim or a run, get away for a night (if possible!), relax, and try to forget about school for a while. I think at this time of the year so many teachers are exhausted and this is the perfect chance to take some time for you! 

Here’s 50 ways to take a break! I’m hoping to do at least 10 of them during the next two weeks!  

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