Fractions is one of those topics that is pretty difficult to teach. I recommend using a lot of concrete materials first, then pictures and then moving onto abstract. (Following the C-P-A approach is really important).

At the beginning of each new topic I get the children to do a brainstorm to see what they know already and where to start. I created a video going through each part which you can take a look at

Key concepts to be covered

Equivalent fractions

Use a fraction wall and I find the arrows work really well and show the children how to solve the question. (See image below)

Here’s a video talking through the steps for equivalent fractions.

Simplifying fractions

I remind children that this is the opposite of finding equivalent fraction so this time we are dividing by the same number on the top and on the bottom. Again the arrows are very helpful. (See image above)


Here’s a video talking through the steps of simplifying fractions.

Mixed numbers – Improper fractions

I find using pictures – drawing out the fractions really helpful for this. See video above below.

Some samples below!

Here’s a step by step guide (using a pictorial and then an abstract approach)

Adding and subtracting fractions

For addition you have to have a common denominator – again pictures help – children can visual what they have to do.