Music is one of my favourite subjects to teach. I love to start the day with a chant/song as it focuses the children and is a nice way to begin the day.

My favourite song for the morning is Abeeyo. (A Welcome Song) music here

Leader; Abeeyo 
Group; Abeeyo
Leader; Abeeyo
Group; Abeeyo
Leader; Abeeyo bee yo be yem mama
Group; Abeeyo bee yo be yem mama
Out of the Ark Music has lots of different books available, you can listen to the music online. There are great songs including Sing Together, Ubuntu and One Little Voice. Check them here on Out of the Ark.

Musical concepts (from the curriculum)

  • A sense of pulse (steady beat)
  • A sense of duration (long/short, patterns, rhythm)
  • A sense of tempo (fast/slow)
  • A sense of pitch (high/low)
  • A sense of dynamics (loud/soft)
  • A sense of structure (same/different)
  • A sense of timbre (tone colour)
  • A sense of texture (one sound/several sounds)
  • A sense of style


Listening and Responding

Sounds in the environment

Encourage the children to listen carefully to the sounds they hear all around them 
  • Sit in the classroom, close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you.
  • Sit in the playground and listen.
  • Sit in the school hall and listen.
  • For homework – ask children to sit in silence for 5 minutes somewhere and afterwards take note of the different sounds.
Bring in a range of different objects and let children play with them and listen to the different sounds they make.
Use websites like Free Sound to listen to a range of different sounds.
Responding to music
Find a piece of music that the children will enjoy. Play the piece of music 2-3 times. Some options;
Draw a picture of what the music is about
Write about the music – how it makes them feel/ a story to go with the music
Here are some of my favourite pieces
If you play an instrument – play for the children. It really brings the music alive!


There are so many wonderful songs from musicals, movies and tv shows. Some of my favourites are;
Good warm ups;
Poppas got a head like a ping pong ball to the tune of William Tell Finale
Poppas got a head like a ping pong ball
Poppas got a head like a ping pong ball
Poppas got a head like a ping pong ball
Like a ping ____ like a ping pong ball
Poppas got a head like a ping pong ping pong ping pong ping pong ping pong ball
Poppas got a head like a ping pong ping pong ping pong ping pong ball)
Learn an instrument;
You can learn the Tin Whistle using this online Summer Course or by using You Tube
(The Tin Whistle is a cheap instrument to buy and could easily be included on the school book list.)
The recorder is another great instrument for the classroom.


Encourage the children to use a variety of items in the classroom/from home to create music. Give the children a task like;
  • Compose the theme tune for a new TV Programme about Aliens
  • Use body percussion to depict a stormy night (You Tube)
  • Make the different sounds you’d hear in the Kitchen/ Bedroom/ Bathroom
  • Spooky music for Halloween
  • A Jingle to sell a product (Persuasive writing)
Children could work in a small group to compose the piece of music.
They can then use symbols to write down the music so that it can be performed again and again.
Use your phone/ another recording device to record the compositions and then listen back to them.